Octobers Meeting

We were able to utilize Zoom to record the meeting. The sound quality is not to bad considering but all you see is me (Tania), sorry about that! Please be patient as we work out the bugs.

October 5th, 2020 Minutes

Welcome/Reading of Members:
Tania B., Jen W., Liz K., Brenda M., Beth D., Jordan C., & Jodi S.
Meeting called to order: 6:08
Changes to the Agenda: none
President Update: none
Secretary Report: Beth D. made a motion to approve, Tania B, second.
Treasurer Report: Brenda B. made a motion to approve, Jen W. second
Teacher/Principal Report: Mrs. Vitito presented
School Board Report: none
Special Requests: none
Old Business
Conference Meal: ordered for delivery on October 6th & 8th from Chickadee and Rustic Dinner
Supplies: A PTO officer will contact the remaining teachers and finalize orders by October 9th.
New Business:
Voting: Liz K. unanimously voted in as PTO Vice president
Title One Contract: presented by Mrs. Vitito, A motion was made to approve the Title One plan by Beth D. and seconded by __.
Request for help: BHS: sanitizing wipes; BES: recess equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc.). PTO president will write up a donations wanted explanation and post it to the PTO’s Facebook page.
Halloween: Boo grams, drive through trunk or treat.
Tania B. made a motion to supply water and candy to the Community Education Halloween gift bags at the elementary. After further discussion, Brenda M made a motion to strike this motion, Jodi S. seconded.
Jodi S. made a motion to donate the PTO’s $100 Walmart gift card to Community Education to be used to purchase water and candy for the treat bags. Beth D. seconded.
Meeting adjourn: 6:58 Tania B. made the motion, Brenda M. seconded.

September’s Meeting

PTO Meeting
September 14, 2020
Called to order at: 6:10

In attendance: Tania Brown, Jodi Schatz, Liz Kauppila, Beth Dinger, Jenn Wright, Jordan Collins, Judi Vitito
Changes to the agenda: Book Club, Title One Parent-Teacher Agreement agenda meeting October.
President Update: PTO vision for 20-21: Review mission statements from bylaws. Vision to raise money for betterment of district: moral boosters and raffle or Bingo nights.
Ideas: Meet & Greet, Scholastic Book Bucks for first time parents in attendance, sign-up sheet, present at MNED meeting, & assigned request months for grade levels 21-22
Secretary Report: Motion: Tania, Second: Beth
Treasurer Report: Motion: Brenda, Second: Tania
Principal Report: Judi Vitito presented
School Board: none
Old Business:
Anti-fog: purchased with COVID funding
Headphones: Liz made a motion to order $359 worth of headphones. Second: Brenda
Rustic Dinner Fundraiser: Raised $510
New Business:
Elections: Vice President. Tania B. nominated Liz K. Voting will be held in October.
Book Fair: virtual in October
Supplies for teachers: Two orders have been placed
Supplies at high school: supplies put out on the 14th
Thermometers for the school nurse: purchased with COVID funds.
Meeting adjourned: 7:17 Tania, Second: Moors

August’s Meeting

August 27, 2020

PTO Emergency Meeting Minutes 
Called to order at: 6:05 pm
In attendance: Tania Brown, Jodi Schatz, Brenda Moors, Liz Kauppila, Beth Dinger, Jen Landwehr, Jenn Wright, Paula Baier, Jen Campbell, Jordan Collins

Introductions and update on September meeting in Barnum Elementary Pavilion
Changes to the agenda— none
Secretary Report— none
Treasurer’s report– Jen W. presented: budget, Zoom membership purchase. Brenda H motion to approve; Beth D. Second, Approved
Budget – Box Top discussion.
School Board Report- none
Special Requests/Field Trips
Nurse request for thermometers
Tania made the motion to table the request, Brenda M, second.
School request for anti-fog spray for glasses
No action due to unanswered questions regarding product and need.
School supplies for teachers and students due to COVID 19
Beth D. made a motion for a $50 gift card to 27 teachers, amended to 30 teachers and $1,500. Beth D. made a motion to approve, Jen C. second.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40. Motion made by Tania B. and Brenda M. second.

An Update on Our Last Few Meetings


Sorry for the lack of updates, there has been lots of behind the scenes work happening.  Our November meeting was a brainstorming session where we focused on new ideas to raise money.  We decided to switch things up this year and go with a catalog fundraiser. We chose to go with Cherrydale Fundraising and we are confident they will meet all our needs.  Some of the perks of going this route are: Cherrydale takes care of all the work for us, so we don’t need many volunteers to help. They provide $50 in free product to all teachers who get 50% class participation, and money for the principal if we get 40% school-wide participation.  We will have the option to do online ordering and shipping, which is a need we heard from many families. They are also allowing us to have cash donations, which can be done online, and if they are done in $20 increments it will still count towards the incentives.  

At that meeting, we also talked about doing things like hat days and voting for favorite sports teams. 


At our December meeting, we decided to try hosting a New Year’s Eve party.  We partnered with Community Ed and Age to Age to provide a free community event.  We did the concessions and although we did not make much money, it was a great event and we hope to do it again next year!


Our January meeting was just as quick!  We finalized dates for the spring fundraiser, started the conversations about All Arts Day and the All School Shirts.  We will also be running another box top collection in January and decided on a Dance Party as a school-wide reward if we reach our goal!  The classroom winner for January’s collection will receive a PJ day with Hot Chocolate!


Again sorry for the delay and thanks for hanging in there with us!  As always our meetings are the first Monday of the month at 6 pm in Bomber Club.  We serve Pizza and provide childcare.

October Highlights


We had our October meeting on Monday the 7th.  We wrapped up a variety of things including Homecoming (we made $328 for the car smash), Elementary Conferences (Thanks to everyone who helped with food), and the Book fair ( sales were up from last year!).

The first Box Top challenge will be October 14th-25th.  The classroom that collects the most box tops will get an extra recess!  Be sure to keep clipping any box tops you can find! While your cutting out those box tops, don’t forget to be scanning your receipts!  We will be running a school goal this year as well. We have not decided what the school wide prize will be, so stay tuned! Remember if you can’t or don’t want to scan your receipts you can always leave them in the mail box in the office and we will scan them for you!

We will also be selling Tervis brand tumblers with the new Barnum logo on them!  They come in maroon and yellow and look amazing. They are $20 and you can find them at Bomber Club or the Community Ed office, contact us directly to pick one up or you can find them at the following events: Grandparents Day, Goblin Parade, High School Conferences, Choir and Band Concerts, Elementary Holiday Concert!


Septembers Highlights


September Meeting

The September PTO meeting was on the 9th of September and we covered a lot of ground!  Here are the highlights.

We met Greg Campbell the new principal at the high school, he filled us in on some of his plans for the new school year. We also heard from Judy Vittio as to what is new at the Elementary School.  

Elementary conferences are being held in the evenings on October 1st, 3rd and all day on the 4th.  As always the PTO will be providing dinner on the 1st and 3rd. Rustic Dinner will be catering the meal.  We will be reaching out to parents, who filled out the contact forms, and asking them to provide horderves for the 4th for teachers.

We talked briefly about the Title One compact and the importance of filling out the Free and Reduced Lunch form.  Did you know it is directly linked to some major funding for our schools? If you have not filled it out there is still time!

We discussed homecoming and our plans for the Car Smash.  Since homecoming is over with we can proudly say that although we did not raise as much money as we did last year it was still a success and the kids had a blast!  Look for us next year!

Our next meeting will be on October 6th.  We will be going over several tabled items, as well as plans for grandparents day, the goblin parade and the sale of our new tumblers!

As always if you can’t make the meeting you can still be involved, follow us here and on Facebook for what’s going on. You can also sign up to be part of our new email service!

Septembers Meeting


Just a reminder that our next meeting will be on September 9th at 6pm in the Media Center at the Elementary School.  We will have childcare provided and snacks!

We will be wrapping up open house, talking about the new box tops program, setting up conference meals and planning homecoming.  It will be an action packed meeting.  Can’t make it? No problem, watch Facebook the week after and I will come on and do a live stream with up dates and ways to get involved.

Also, good luck to everyone on the first day of school!  Watch your packets, PTO is sending a contact letter home.  Fill it out and send it back and be entered into a drawing to win front row seats for the Christmas Program!

August Meeting

On the 12th, we had our first meeting of the 2019 school year.  Here are the highlights:

Open House will be on the 28th, be watching your mail boxes for the letter from the school explaining the new format.  There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on the new playground at 4pm to kick things off and as always we will be providing a bounce house and dinner.  Our wonderful BHS Cheerleaders will be coming down to help us serve everyone, so a big shout out to them for helping!  

We will be gathering volunteers to greet students on the first day of school.  This would be a great way to meet other parents and see the kids in all their first day finery!  We will be at the front doors and in the bus ally, with a smile and words of encouragement to start the school year!  

We are also looking for someone who can do some chalk drawings and quotes on the sidewalk for us!  Please message us here or on Facebook if you are interested in helping!

Homecoming is early this year, the 20th of September so we will need to start getting approval for the car smash up at the high school.  If we get the ok we will be in need of one person to help with tickets during the school day that day and a few people to help run it the night of!  This was a huge hit last year and we are excited and hopeful that we can do it again this year. Stick around for more updates!

If you want to see the full minutes they will be in the minutes folder as soon as they are available.

Box Tops

As some of you may have heard Box Tops has changed its format and is going completely digital.  What this means for us is that instead of clipping box tops you will be scanning your receipts with your smart phones or devices using the Box Top App.  As Box Tops makes the switch you will still find products with box tops on those, please still clip them!! They will continue accepting clipped box tops until they expire.

We understand this may be difficult for some of you so we will be having a table set up at Open House on the 28th to assist those of you that need it with the app.

We also acknowledge that some of you will not be happy with the switch, while this is out of our control we are working on ways to work with those of you who are unable to scan your receipts.  Please let us know your suggestions on the best way to work this!

In the meantime, we have included instructions on how to instal the App and find our school.  If you have any issues please let us know on here, on Facebook or at Open House.

Download the Box Tops for Education App in your play store.

Once you open the app you will need to create a new account (unless you already have one, then simply sign in)

After accepting their terms, you will be prompted to find your school.  Simply type in our zip code (55707) and select Barnum Elementary.

You will need to finish filling out your information and your all ready to scan!  Its super simple.


When you are scanning you will need to scan the whole receipt, you are able to scan additional sections if you need. 

Having the purchase date visible is the first key.