The End of the First Week


Tonight we all should be sitting back and congratulating ourselves on a job well done.  The first week of school is officially under our belts.  We have figured out what time we need to leave, what to have for lunch and where to go, what a great accomplishment!  From the beginergarteners to the seniors in high school we can all go into next week knowing it only gets better from here.

The PTO had a big week as well.  We delivered the all school shirts to the elementary school, don’t worry high schoolers yours are coming next week!

We also delivered new teacher baskets to the new Music and Spanish teachers and gave a beautiful plant to the new principal at the elementary school.


Just a few quick reminders: Monday the 10th at 6pm is our September meeting.  Don’t forget to bring your coupons for an entry into our raffle.  We have bunch of great prizes including a corn hole game, Speak Out the board game and just added gift certificates for Valley Printing to stock up on Bomber Gear.  If you don’t have your coupon, no worries we have extras!


We will also be placing Box Top Collection boxes around the community.  We are excited to be able to include the community in our collections!  Please still send them with your child if you have them but also spread the word to those who do not have kids anymore that they should start saving to!  All of the Box Top money goes back into the school.  Please remember to check expiration dates.


Can’t come to the meeting?  Don’t worry you can still be involved by catching updates here or on Facebook.  Feel free to contact us Via either with ideas or to sign up to help with any events.

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