Septembers Highlights


September Meeting

The September PTO meeting was on the 9th of September and we covered a lot of ground!  Here are the highlights.

We met Greg Campbell the new principal at the high school, he filled us in on some of his plans for the new school year. We also heard from Judy Vittio as to what is new at the Elementary School.  

Elementary conferences are being held in the evenings on October 1st, 3rd and all day on the 4th.  As always the PTO will be providing dinner on the 1st and 3rd. Rustic Dinner will be catering the meal.  We will be reaching out to parents, who filled out the contact forms, and asking them to provide horderves for the 4th for teachers.

We talked briefly about the Title One compact and the importance of filling out the Free and Reduced Lunch form.  Did you know it is directly linked to some major funding for our schools? If you have not filled it out there is still time!

We discussed homecoming and our plans for the Car Smash.  Since homecoming is over with we can proudly say that although we did not raise as much money as we did last year it was still a success and the kids had a blast!  Look for us next year!

Our next meeting will be on October 6th.  We will be going over several tabled items, as well as plans for grandparents day, the goblin parade and the sale of our new tumblers!

As always if you can’t make the meeting you can still be involved, follow us here and on Facebook for what’s going on. You can also sign up to be part of our new email service!

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