October Highlights


We had our October meeting on Monday the 7th.  We wrapped up a variety of things including Homecoming (we made $328 for the car smash), Elementary Conferences (Thanks to everyone who helped with food), and the Book fair ( sales were up from last year!).

The first Box Top challenge will be October 14th-25th.  The classroom that collects the most box tops will get an extra recess!  Be sure to keep clipping any box tops you can find! While your cutting out those box tops, don’t forget to be scanning your receipts!  We will be running a school goal this year as well. We have not decided what the school wide prize will be, so stay tuned! Remember if you can’t or don’t want to scan your receipts you can always leave them in the mail box in the office and we will scan them for you!

We will also be selling Tervis brand tumblers with the new Barnum logo on them!  They come in maroon and yellow and look amazing. They are $20 and you can find them at Bomber Club or the Community Ed office, contact us directly to pick one up or you can find them at the following events: Grandparents Day, Goblin Parade, High School Conferences, Choir and Band Concerts, Elementary Holiday Concert!


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