Octobers Meeting

We were able to utilize Zoom to record the meeting. The sound quality is not to bad considering but all you see is me (Tania), sorry about that! Please be patient as we work out the bugs.

October 5th, 2020 Minutes

Welcome/Reading of Members:
Tania B., Jen W., Liz K., Brenda M., Beth D., Jordan C., & Jodi S.
Meeting called to order: 6:08
Changes to the Agenda: none
President Update: none
Secretary Report: Beth D. made a motion to approve, Tania B, second.
Treasurer Report: Brenda B. made a motion to approve, Jen W. second
Teacher/Principal Report: Mrs. Vitito presented
School Board Report: none
Special Requests: none
Old Business
Conference Meal: ordered for delivery on October 6th & 8th from Chickadee and Rustic Dinner
Supplies: A PTO officer will contact the remaining teachers and finalize orders by October 9th.
New Business:
Voting: Liz K. unanimously voted in as PTO Vice president
Title One Contract: presented by Mrs. Vitito, A motion was made to approve the Title One plan by Beth D. and seconded by __.
Request for help: BHS: sanitizing wipes; BES: recess equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc.). PTO president will write up a donations wanted explanation and post it to the PTO’s Facebook page.
Halloween: Boo grams, drive through trunk or treat.
Tania B. made a motion to supply water and candy to the Community Education Halloween gift bags at the elementary. After further discussion, Brenda M made a motion to strike this motion, Jodi S. seconded.
Jodi S. made a motion to donate the PTO’s $100 Walmart gift card to Community Education to be used to purchase water and candy for the treat bags. Beth D. seconded.
Meeting adjourn: 6:58 Tania B. made the motion, Brenda M. seconded.

September’s Meeting

PTO Meeting
September 14, 2020
Called to order at: 6:10

In attendance: Tania Brown, Jodi Schatz, Liz Kauppila, Beth Dinger, Jenn Wright, Jordan Collins, Judi Vitito
Changes to the agenda: Book Club, Title One Parent-Teacher Agreement agenda meeting October.
President Update: PTO vision for 20-21: Review mission statements from bylaws. Vision to raise money for betterment of district: moral boosters and raffle or Bingo nights.
Ideas: Meet & Greet, Scholastic Book Bucks for first time parents in attendance, sign-up sheet, present at MNED meeting, & assigned request months for grade levels 21-22
Secretary Report: Motion: Tania, Second: Beth
Treasurer Report: Motion: Brenda, Second: Tania
Principal Report: Judi Vitito presented
School Board: none
Old Business:
Anti-fog: purchased with COVID funding
Headphones: Liz made a motion to order $359 worth of headphones. Second: Brenda
Rustic Dinner Fundraiser: Raised $510
New Business:
Elections: Vice President. Tania B. nominated Liz K. Voting will be held in October.
Book Fair: virtual in October
Supplies for teachers: Two orders have been placed
Supplies at high school: supplies put out on the 14th
Thermometers for the school nurse: purchased with COVID funds.
Meeting adjourned: 7:17 Tania, Second: Moors

August’s Meeting

August 27, 2020

PTO Emergency Meeting Minutes 
Called to order at: 6:05 pm
In attendance: Tania Brown, Jodi Schatz, Brenda Moors, Liz Kauppila, Beth Dinger, Jen Landwehr, Jenn Wright, Paula Baier, Jen Campbell, Jordan Collins

Introductions and update on September meeting in Barnum Elementary Pavilion
Changes to the agenda— none
Secretary Report— none
Treasurer’s report– Jen W. presented: budget, Zoom membership purchase. Brenda H motion to approve; Beth D. Second, Approved
Budget – Box Top discussion.
School Board Report- none
Special Requests/Field Trips
Nurse request for thermometers
Tania made the motion to table the request, Brenda M, second.
School request for anti-fog spray for glasses
No action due to unanswered questions regarding product and need.
School supplies for teachers and students due to COVID 19
Beth D. made a motion for a $50 gift card to 27 teachers, amended to 30 teachers and $1,500. Beth D. made a motion to approve, Jen C. second.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40. Motion made by Tania B. and Brenda M. second.