August’s Meeting

August 27, 2020

PTO Emergency Meeting Minutes 
Called to order at: 6:05 pm
In attendance: Tania Brown, Jodi Schatz, Brenda Moors, Liz Kauppila, Beth Dinger, Jen Landwehr, Jenn Wright, Paula Baier, Jen Campbell, Jordan Collins

Introductions and update on September meeting in Barnum Elementary Pavilion
Changes to the agenda— none
Secretary Report— none
Treasurer’s report– Jen W. presented: budget, Zoom membership purchase. Brenda H motion to approve; Beth D. Second, Approved
Budget – Box Top discussion.
School Board Report- none
Special Requests/Field Trips
Nurse request for thermometers
Tania made the motion to table the request, Brenda M, second.
School request for anti-fog spray for glasses
No action due to unanswered questions regarding product and need.
School supplies for teachers and students due to COVID 19
Beth D. made a motion for a $50 gift card to 27 teachers, amended to 30 teachers and $1,500. Beth D. made a motion to approve, Jen C. second.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40. Motion made by Tania B. and Brenda M. second.

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