Box Tops for Education

The Barnum PTO is starting a new way to collect Box Tops! Print off the Box Tops Collection Sheet and start collecting!

Start clipping Box Tops today! Each one is worth 10 cents for your child’s school. They add up quickly and your school can use the cash to buy whatever it needs. For more information on Box Tops for Education, including a list of participating products and how much your child’s school has earned go to Thanks for your help!

Instructions for Collecting

1. Clip Box Tops.

Don’t forget to check the expiration date!

2. Tape or glue clipped Box Tops to the Box Tops Collection Sheet.

Please note, bonus certificates must be submitted separately.

3. Send completed sheet to your school.



Box Tops Fund Field Trip Transportation Costs

With the rising cost of gasoline, some classes were faced with the possibility of having to eliminate field trips due to the excessive cost of transportation. PTO believes that field trips are an important part of education and are fun for our kids, so we are making an effort to see that field trips can continue.

You can help in the endeavor by simply collecting Box Tops for Education on many of the house-hold products you normally use. Just send them to school with your elementary student, or drop them off in the elementary office. We receive 10 cents for each box top collected. While these ten-cent coupons may seem inconsequential, last year PTO collected nearly $1400.00 from Box Tops! Every little bit helps so please help us out and also encourage your family and neighbors to collect them too!


Box Tops Collection Sheet

How Box Top Works

Participating Box Top Products

Coupons for Box Top Products