Expense Reimbursement Form

PTO Expense Reimbursement Form

Submit the PTO Expense Reimbursement Form and accompanying receipts to the Treasurer to get reimbursed for PTO-related expenses.

Expense Reimbursement Forms are to be used to reimburse expenses incurred by PTO members or volunteers for PTO-related business. Do not put purchases of personal items on the same receipt.

Expense Reimbursement Forms must be filled out completely, and MUST be accompanied by a receipt for the items for which reimbursement is requested. No request will be fulfilled without accompanying receipt. Expense Reimbursement Forms with attached receipts can be emailed to the Treasurer at barnumpto@gmail.com, placed in the PTO mailbox at the Elementary school, or brought to the next scheduled PTO meeting. The PTO mailbox will be checked immediately prior to regularly scheduled PTO meetings. Reimbursements will be made at the next scheduled PTO meeting. If immediate reimbursement is required, please e-mail the Treasurer to make alternative arrangements.

If reimbursement is not requested within 60 days of your event, please consider your expense a donation to the PTO. All event expenses in excess of the budgeted amount must be approved by the executive board prior to incurring the expenses.

All Expense Reimbursement Forms must be submitted by the last day of June so that the PTO financial books may be closed on July 31st, which is the end or our fiscal year.