Scholastic Book Fairs

Book Fair is a treat for everyone! Your Book Fair purchase benefits your kids, their teachers, our school, and underprivileged kids around the country. The Scholastic Book Fairs are typically held in the Barnum Elementary Library.

KIDS – The students LOVE the fun that Book Fair brings, especially the fun contests and activities associated with the fun reading themes and, of course, going home with new books in hand!

TEACHERS – Support your child’s classroom by buying a book from a teacher’s “Wish List” to help build their classroom libraries, which your child will again benefit from.

SCHOOL – The Book Fair profits are used to buy the newest and greatest books to keep your library up-to-date, storage equipment for books, books for the Title I program, and other various reading needs and incentives.

SHARING – For each dollar collected in the “One for Books” donation jar, Scholastic will donate one book to a less fortunate child somewhere in the U.S., and will also donate matching funds back to BES!

It’s easy to see how EVERYONE can benefit from each Book Fair purchase!

Check out the Scholastic website for specific dates and times and a link to volunteer:

Barnum’s Scholastic Book Fair Website 

Scholastic Website